Technology Transfer and New Knowledge utilisation

The Technology Transfer Office – TTO_FORTH provides consultation and advisory services covering the whole range of Research – Innovation – Development – Commercialization activity depending on the needs of researchers and partner companies.

TTO_FORTH offers a variety of services aiming to support all stages of research activity, from the initial idea and its implementation until the commercialization of the research outcomes. The offered services include among others; research proposal proofreading, funding opportunities identification, technology audit, advisory on intellectual property rights protection, IP strategy design and implementation, market intelligence, design of dissemination and exploitation strategy, access to risk finance, support for the establishment of new  spin off companies.

TTO_FORTH provides support and mediation services to all researchers who wish to commercialize research results as well as  to Greek and foreign companies with technological needs that can be addressed  by FORTH’s research activity..

The TTO_FORTH has developed links and the necessary communication channels with the national business community and research organisations through European initiatives such as the Enterprise Europe Network and the TTO Circle.