• Starts: 30/12/2021
  • Expires: 31/10/2023

Development and demonstration of eco-innovative preservation solutions for marine biomasses


  • Starts: 29/10/2020
  • Expires: 28/10/2023

Development of a tool for rapid and low cost analyzes in the Food Sector


  • Starts: 29/10/2020
  • Expires: 28/10/2023

Study and development of novel alternative biocontrol methods to manage plant pathogens and induce plant tolerance to salinity in agricultural crops

Hellenic Biocluster

  • Starts: 06/08/2020
  • Expires: 31/12/2023

Development of the HBIO network and strengthening of research and innovation in member companies, Exploiting research results and hatching new business ideas, Training and strengthening of the human resources of the network, Support and acceleration of business development, Interfacing with the global market, Diffusion of achievements of cluster members

Hellenic Digital Health Cluster

  • Starts: 06/08/2020
  • Expires: 31/12/2023

Supporting the development of the digital health sector in Greece, Promoting the competitiveness of the sector in the country and abroad, Strengthening the standardization and quality upgrading of the digital products produced and Facilitating business collaborations, as well as strengthening research between local and international companies, research groups and knowledge centers.


  • Starts: 28/07/2020
  • Expires: 27/07/2023

The “MIRAGE” project (Mitigation of Internet Routing Attacks Globally and Efficiently) is focused on the detection and mitigation of BGP prefix hijacking attacks, in real time with the use of fully automated techniques.


  • Starts: 16/06/2020
  • Expires: 15/06/2023

Fabrication of 3D-printed wearable electrochemical sensors (ring type) suitable for glucose determination in human sweat