Sustainable preservation of marine biomasses for an enhanced food value chain

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Programme ERA-NETS 2019b
Coordinator National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineers
Start date 30/12/2021
Expiration date 31/10/2023
Duration 22Μ
Total budget €199,998.68
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Partners FORTH/PRAXI Network

SuMaFood project addresses innovative utilization of marine biomasses and by-products and will demonstrate how such resources can be made available and attractive to the consumers, thus adding value to the biomass food chain. The main objective of
SuMaFood is to develop and demonstrate eco-innovative preservation solutions for marine biomasses. The target products are marine biomass powders that can be used as food (including re-structured and health nutrition products), ingredients, or feed. The project addresses techniques for separation and fractioning of fish residues and preservation techniques of marine biomasses in terms of energy efficiency, product quality and stability, and shelf-life prolongation. The project reaches out to downstream
stages of the blue biomass value chain by investigating novel techniques of active packing and formulation using antioxidants; preservation methods tailored to prolong shelf-lives and promote enhanced consumer acceptance. By demonstration of enhanced utilization of marine biomasses, SuMaFood will contribute to valuable growth an increased sustainability in European blue bioeconomy value chains.