The Hellenic Digital Health Cluster (HDHC) is a Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) initiative, operated by the Center for eHealth Applications and Services (CeHA) of the Institute of Computer Science (FORTH-ICS) of FORTH and PRAXI Network. The HDHC is a collaborative innovation cluster gathering the most important entities of the digital health in Greece aiming at their further development, their innovation capacity building and their extroversion. The vision of the cluster is to empower the Greek ecosystem in order to integrate the country among the leading countries in digital health globally. The HDHC comprises 20 innovative and dynamic companies and FORTH.

Hellenic BioCluster (HBio), the first and largest Health and Biotechnology Cluster in Greece, is a Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) initiative, facilitated though the PRAXI Network. Since its foundation on 2006, has been connecting industry and academia partners aiming to support innovative and impact science. HBio has created a strong ecosystem including major research institutes within Greece (FORTH, CERTH, BRFAA, BSRC Alexander Fleming, NCSR Demokritos) and Universities, major partners from the pharmaceutical sector, SMEs, startups and spinoffs from across the health and biotechnology sector and has become a strong innovation process moderator and facilitator in Greece. HBio continues to strengthen the ecosystem by facilitating partnering amongst the partners and creating value by bringing expertise and a clear strategy to enhance partner growth while enabling innovation via a portfolio of activities and programmes. On October 2020, HBio has received funding from the General Secretariat for Research and Technology to Accelerate Growth by Linking Health Innovation to Market.

The HPhos, founded on 2015 with the coordination and the support of PRAXI Network, is the first and largest cluster of knowledge-intensive enterprises and research organisations in the broader filed of Photonics and its related applications. HPhos aims to cluster all Greek entrepreneurial, industrial and academic players in order to create a hotbed for the development of new ideas and innovative products and services for industrial manufacturing & automation, telecoms, defense & security, cultural heritage, food, health, environment, energy efficiency and conversion. The Hellenic Photonics Cluster (HPhos) comprises approximately 20 innovative enterprises active in diverse areas of Photonics related Technologies, supported by a talented academic community in the field. A milestone for the creation of HPhos and its later development is the development of the Greek technology platform PhotonicsGR by the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, as an active member of the European Technology Platform Photonics21.

PRAXI Network is a founding member, as well as the coordinator of Innovation Greece, an association of innovative companies with a common mindset, which strives to integrate innovation into everyday practices, new products and services. Its goal is the development of a competitive ecosystem for creating high-caliber innovation based on dynamic, extrovert knowledge-intensive SMEs. Innovation Greece acts as a motivator for enterprises and financial entities, flexible and eager to adopt the same vision: to be extrovert in all areas both thematic and geographic, to produce mutually beneficial partnerships, to facilitate the exchange of expertise and knowledge in new fields, and to engage financing operators both in Greece and abroad to examine and finance new innovative services and products.