Hellenic Biocluster

Hellenic Biocluster

Hellenic Biocluster: A life sciences innovation leader towards a strong sustainable economy and a better society

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Programme Innovation Clusters - 1st Call: Aid Agency (EC 651/2014)
Coordinator FORTH/PRAXI Network
Start date 06/08/2020
Expiration date 31/12/2023
Duration 41Μ
Total budget €413,500.00

The Hellenic Biocluster (HBIO) is the first health cluster in Greece. Since 2004, it has been creating and promoting synergies between businesses and academic research centers, with the main goal of developing and exploiting innovative products and services of high added value with international recognition and a high degree of competitiveness in the health field. This project, financed by the 1st Call for Innovation Clusters, is completely aligned with the strategic goals of HBIO and focuses on the following:

T.1. Development of the global HBIO network: development of strategic partnerships between members and integration of new members to create and exploit new knowledge, shaping a stronger innovation ecosystem (value chain) and strengthening Greece’s performance in the field of innovation.

T.2. Translation of scientific excellence into development: promotion and exploitation of existing and new technological knowledge to strengthen and promote new capacities (capacity building) and the further development of innovative entrepreneurship in the health sector.

T.3. Interconnection with the global market: promotion of domestic activity in the health sector abroad and support in drawing up international partners as well as access of Greek innovation to new markets.

T.4: Diffusion of achievements of cluster members in order to create a strong pole of attraction for new companies, where HBIO offers important development services.

T.5. An offer to society both in the development of cluster members and in improving the quality of life of the citizens of Greece and internationally.