2021, Foresight & Strategic Forecast Working Group to the Greek Prime Minister

PRAXI Network supports the operation of the Foresight & Strategic Forecast Working Group to the Greek Prime Minister. This interdisciplinary consulting agency aims at the development of a collective foresight and futures literacy culture.

2021, PRAXI Network/FORTH is appointed as Horizon Europe National Contact Point

The General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) has appointed on March 2021, PRAXI Network/FORTH as Horizon Europe National Contact Point (NCP) for 13 thematic areas.

2020, Hellenic Digital Health Cluster

PRAXI Network, in coalition with the Center for eHealth Applications and Services (CeHA) of FORTH creates the Hellenic Digital Health Cluster (HDHC), the first Greek cluster actively involved in the field of digital health. HDHC has 21 participants, 20 of which are companies and FORTH.

2019, UNESCO Chair on Futures Research

FORTH was awarded the UNESCO Chair on Futures Research. The Foresight and Tools Unit of PRAXI Network was entrusted with the operational support of the Chair. The Chair conducts futures research and carries out foresight activities such as horizon scanning, trends analysis, delphi, scenario development, visioning, road mapping and backcasting for medium to long term (strategic) planning.

2018, Office in Volos (Greece)

PRAXI Network starts the operation of its office in Volos, with the perspective to intensify its activities in the area of Thessaly and to support the local entrepreneurship and act as a liaison between the universities and research centres and the industry and companies.

2018, Collaboration with Pancreta Bank

PRAXI Network/FORTH starts its strategic collaboration on 2018 with the Pancreta Bank, aiming at the support of innovative entrepreneurship in Crete.

2018, Innovation Greece

PRAXI Network takes the initiative to create Ιnnovation Greece, an association of innovative companies having as vision the development of a competitive ecosystem for creating high-caliber innovation based on dynamic, extrovert knowledge-intensive SMEs.

2018, Member of the TTO Circle network

Since 2018, PRAXI Network is a member of the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle (TTO Circle), which is a technology transfer network established by Europe’s most important research centres.

2016, Member of the Northern Aegean Regional Council for Research & Innovation

The director of PRAXI Network, Mr. Karniouras Panagiotis, becomes member of the Northern Aegean Regional Council for Research & Innovation, aiming at the development of strategies and activities in order to establish an ecosystem favorable towards research and innovation.

2016, European coordination office of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Science, Technology & Innovation Cooperation Center (CCSTI)

Under the guidance of the General Secretariat for Research & Innovation and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs, PRAXI Network hosts the functions of the European node of ASEM-CCSTI in its premises in Athens, Greece. ASEM-CCSTI acts as a liaison between the European and the Asian side by mobilizing relevant stakeholders at EU-Asia by reinforcing the links between industry and research.

2016, Office in Patras (Greece)

PRAXI Network starts the operation of its office in Patras (Greece). The Confederation of the Industries and Enterprises of the Peloponnese and the Western Greece (SEVPDE) actively supports the industry and entrepreneurship in the area.

2015, Hellenic Photonics Cluster – HPhos

PRAXI Network acts as the co-ordinator and facilitator of the Hellenic Photonics Cluster – Hphos, which is the first and largest Photonics Cluster in Greece. HPhos comprises approximatively 20 SMEs with international orientation and R&D departments, which are supported by the Greek research ecosystem.

2008 – currently, Member of the Enterprise Europe Network

Since 2008 PRAXI Network is member of the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest network of contact points providing information and advice to EU companies on EU matters, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In parallel, PRAXI Network is the co-ordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas, the largest network of integrated business support in Greece.

2006, Hellenic BioCluster – HBio

The Hellenic Biocluster (HBio) is the largest Health & Life Sciences cluster in Greece. It currently connects more than 60 partners, ranging from major pharmaceutical companies to specialized SMEs and emerging start-ups, to leading research groups. HBio develops and fosters a strong network between industry, academia and the government, in order to support innovative and impact science and in turn provide a springboard to the Greek economy. HBio is a trusted, national and EU BioTech and HealthTech reference point. HBio provides technical and advisory services to develop commercialization pathways and further assesses partners to penetrate global markets.

1998 – currently, PRAXI Network is the National Contact Point for the European Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation

Since 1999, PRAXI Network is appointed as the National Contact Point (NCP) for the Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation of the European Commission. Under this role, PRAXI Network serves as an official entity for information and advisory support for EU-funded research programmes.

1998 – 2008, IRC

PRAXI Network becomes member of the Innovation Relay Centre Network (IRC Network) and actively supports transnational technology transfer, as well as transnational innovation initiatives between companies and organisations.

1991, Foundation of PRAXI Network

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